Dish Network is Making False Claims

If you’re a Dish Network subscriber, you need to know the truth. 

DISH Network has taken AZTV off their air after failed contract negotiations.

They claim they pay local channel owners to carry their channels and that it is our decision whether we remain on the air or not. However, this is completely false. DISH may pay other stations, but we have never requested they pay us to broadcast our channel.

The contract negotiations broke down when we asked them to consider offering our other channel, MeTV on DISH as well. Again, free of charge. When they resisted that idea, we backed off and said we would continue our current deal. That’s when DISH pulled us off their air.

If you are one of our loyal viewers and a subscriber of DISH, you can always get us FREE over the air with an antenna or ditch the DISH and find us on all other cable or satellite providers. 

We’re working as hard as we can to persuade DISH to put us back on their network. Thank you for your continued loyalty, we greatly appreciate it.