December’s Golden Rule Student Of The Month

Congratulations, Zachariah Jasser!

BASIS Scottsdale’s Zach Jasser knows that every person is born in different circumstances, but what unites us all is our humanity, and therefore we all deserve the same treatment. That’s why he’s December’s Golden Rule Student Of The Month!

Zach’s Bio:

He was born January 24, 2002 in Phoenix Arizona, to Zuhdi and Gada Jasser but was raised in Scottsdale Arizona. He have two other siblings, one 14-year-old sister and one 10-year-old brother. Zach attended a private school up until 3rd grade where he then briefly attended a public school. From 5th grade up to the present, he has attended BASIS Scottsdale. Throughout his life he has enjoyed sports, but basketball has been the favorite to play. Zach’s been playing since the 3rd grade, and now is on his high school’s varsity team. He also has been on the school track team for the past 2 years, and generally enjoys any psychical activity when given the chance. He has always had a passion for computers and built his own in middle school. At school Zach takes on many extracurricular activities including, the National Honors Society, the Spanish National Honors Society, and the Red Cross club.