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Deadly Dog Flu Reported in Arizona

Canine influenza has hit Arizona, here’s what you need to know.

Maricopa Animal Care and Control is warning dog owners to be watchful of signs of canine influenza after two positive cases were identified in the Valley.

This is the first time the disease has been reported in Arizona and there are two forms of the virus.

Symptoms include:

Mild form – A soft moist cough that can last between 10 to 30 days.

Severe form – Fevers between 104 to 106 degrees, possible pneumonia and in some cases death

Fortunately, the severe form is rare and has only been diagnosed in less than 10-percent of infected canines.

What you can do:

Just like the flu in humans, the virus is preventative.

If your dog is frequently in contact with other dogs, you should visit your veterinary and talk to them about the vaccine. The virus is highly contagious between dogs.

There are no confirmed cases that the virus can be transferred to humans. However, humans who come in contact with the virus can transfer it to their furry friends.

The two dogs who were diagnosed with the virus are receiving treatment and are doing well.