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Creating Good Money Habits

Six simple and effective tips to guide your child.

We are ready to celebrate! May 29th is the National 529 College Savings Day, and Deena Lager talks with Catherine Anaya about helping kids create good money habits. Research shows that when children help to save for their education, they are much more likely to attend college and truly value what they learn. When the projected cost of a four-year degree will be close to $100,000 in 16 years, it is especially important to start saving early. With the 529 plan, families save 25% of college costs!

The 6 tips shared on the Arizona Daily Mix show outline simple, but effective, ways to guide your child into appropriate saving practices. These tips are vital to their financial future, for most kid’s money habits are formed by the age of 7… almost unbelievable! Don’t risk having bad habits formed, but rather use the 529 plan to secure a wise and dependable pattern for your child. Visit for more information.