The Colton Berry Band

Arizona Playlist Ep. 09

Phoenix-based singer-songwriter Colton Berry never felt comfortable emulating the sensitive, acoustic style indie artists from his hometown in the Pacific Northwest. His charisma deserved a bigger sound that blended rock & roll and pop melodies. After fronting local alt-rock and indie bands throughout the Valley, he formed the Colton Berry Band.

Plucked from bedroom studios to share the stage with Colton were founding members Tony Genco on bass/vocals and Dane Larson on keyboard/vocals to record a 4-song EP Love Wins in 2015. Before long, inspiration struck and they were back in the booth for their debut full-length. Swing Until We Miss is a collection of tracks that could easily pass for the soundtrack to every West Coast road trip. The album features the Colton Berry Band playing polished jams and larger-than-life choruses while earnest lyrics of lovesickness and homesickness contrast with sing-along hooks. Swing Until We Miss reminisces of the past without giving a single thought to turning back and the message is clear: Colton Berry Band is stepping up and in the big leagues you swing for the fences and never stop trying.