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Celebrate National Plan for Vacation Day by Booking a Worry-Free Stay This Year

As National Plan for Vacation Day approaches on January 30, it marks a time to think about the blank canvas of a new calendar. Celebrated annually, National Plan for Vacation Day encourages people to take those hard-earned PTO days that often get left aside and plan a trip (or two!) for the year. When it comes to travel, we’re often focused on the destination – but travelers should consider the importance of the stay, too. In the spirit of this day, it might be time to think about the latest travel trend for a seamless travel experience with all-inclusive accommodations.    All-inclusive resorts are rising, resulting in a reimagined and elevated experience. With all-inclusive, planning for diverse interests in the most desirable locations is seamless. From families seeking fun and adventure to milestone getaways or wellness seekers, all-inclusive resorts offer maximum vacation with minimal planning, without worrying about itineraries or leaving the resort. Whatever the occasion, and no matter who you’re traveling with, there’s a resort and a trip for that. For more information visit