Care Card Fundraiser for Foundation for Blind Children

Save money at your favorite hot spots while helping children in need.

The Care Card program allows participants to save 20% on purchases from over 500 participating retailers including restaurants, beauty care, salons, bridal wear, home improvement, jewelry, photography, men women and children’s clothing, florists and more. For a full list of participating vendors around the valley or to purchase a card for $60, visit


What are the dates?

Friday, October 19 through Sunday, October 28.


How much money did Care Card raise in 2017?

Last year’s Care Card 2017 raised over $200,000 in Care Card Sales to Foundation for Blind Children.


Board of Visitors

It is Arizona’s oldest women’s charitable organization, has been raising funds for more than 100 years to support nonprofits in the greater Phoenix community that serve the healthcare needs of women, children and the elderly.


Who is the beneficiary for this year’s Care Card?

The Foundation for Blind Children serves the blind and visually impaired of all ages, from birth to currently 102 years old. As the only agency of its kind in Arizona, the Foundation for Blind Children is an essential resource to families and children with blindness or low vision. For more information about Foundation for Blind Children, visit


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