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Carcara Opens at Sheraton Phoenix Downtown

Carcara is now open at Sheraton Phoenix Downtown! The brand new restaurant serves up an Arizona-inspired menu of dishes made with locally-sourced ingredients and a Sonoran flare, paired with hand-crafted cocktails. Carcara’s menu and design honors honors the rich agricultural history of the Phoenix area. For more information visit


Seared Striped Bass Recipe

1. Season the striped bass with salt and pepper and sear flesh side down in a hot pan with oil.

2. Turn the fish over and add white wine and a pat of butter to the pan and finish in the oven for 4 minutes.


Pea Puree Ingredients / Method:

Peas 1 qt

Vegetable Stock   2 cups

Spinach, ½ cup

Pea Shoots, ½ cup

Salt and Pepper to taste

Use a blender to make a smooth puree


Riesling Rice Pilaf Ingredients / Method:

Caramelize leeks and shallots until tender.

Soak golden raisins in Riesling vinegar.          


Method: Combine cooked rice, caramelized leeks, and raisins in a sauté pan and finish with butter, salt and pepper.