Cancer Caregivers Education Program

It is so important to educate ourselves on this dire topic.

It is one of the most devastating words we could ever hearā€¦ six letters that rock our world and thrust loved ones from our livesā€¦cancer. It is so important to educate ourselves on this dire topic, for the time may come when it is up to us to care for others with this condition, or even to care for ourselves.

Susan Kavanaugh, the communication director at Arizona Myeloma Network, talks with Pat McMahon on the Arizona Daily Mix show to share potentially life-saving information. In 2016 alone, 35,000 people were diagnosed with cancer in Arizona. This number does not include everyone whose lives are touched, for there are thousands more who are devoting their entire lives to the care of the cancer patient, and many more are dutiful supporters through love, prayer, and attention.

The Cancer Caregivers Education Program offers free seminars throughout Arizona on a quarterly basis, providing strategies, resources, information, and encouragement that help caregivers become more effective in their service. These sessions help caregivers cope, and provide better care for their patients, and also for themselves. Best of all, it can help reduce insurance costs, compensate for lost work time, and in the long run, help save lives.

The next Cancer Caregiver Seminar will take place on June 3rd, 2017, at the Drury Inn in Chandler, from 8am-11:30am. Breakfast and all printed materials are included, so do not hesitate to take advantage of this valuable resourceā€¦ it could save a life that you love!