Budget-Friendly Ways to Freshen Your Home with Kalen’s Place

Design Trends for 2022 are donning “many hats” as seen in our color palettes, style aesthetics, and modes to get our desired looks! This year, we will be shopping with a conscience choosing pieces designed to last, that find meaning in our homes and that speak to our personal styles. We will find ourselves thrifting and upcycling, mixing and matching, and hunting and gathering to find those perfect accents to create a home. We will see the use of colors found in nature such as soothing shades of greens and blues, or saturated tones of terracotta, rich browns, and hues of yellow. Desired looks can be found in handmade ceramics, natural materials such as baskets, whimsical wallpapers and earthy linens and pillows. The design trend feeling of 2022 will be uplifting, peaceful, fresh, airy and hopeful…now let’s get started! For more information visit Kalen’s Place at www.kalensplace.com.