The Auberge at Scottsdale Memory Care Rolls Out a New Holistic Model

We are highlighting a Holistic-Model Rollout at The Auberge at Scottsdale Memory Care. This “cutting edge” program called “Spark”, is based on the Montessori Principles commonly used in Education. Some of these principles are: ‘Play can be work’, Hands on Learning, Respect and Dignity, Self-directed activity, and collaboration. The big take aways are: They will be growing their own hemp plants and rendering CBD oil for use in In-house produced creams, salves and scrubs. Residents will be hands-on in the gardening, rendering of CBD oil, product production, labeling and packaging. It will also have related components such as seated Tai-Chi, drumming, Reiki, meditation and use of herbs and oils in food items. This process is well under way and they invite folks in for an in-person tour to see what distinguishes them from other memory care communities. For more information visit