Army Veteran’s Dying Wish is to Hear From You

All he wants is someone to talk too. 

Lee Hernandez, an Army veteran on hospice with a terminal illness has a final wish that we can all help with.

What he is asking for is very simple and would mean to the world to a man who served our country.

He wants strangers (you) to send him text messages or give him a call. He just wants to talk with people.

Hernandez, 47, asked his wife to keep his phone close ‘in case someone calls’. Unfortunately, the phone never rang and Hernandez commented to his wife “no one wants to talk to me.”

A friend of the family found out and decided to share pictures of Hernandez on social media asking anyone who could spare a few minutes to send Hernadez a text to help brighten his day. The post has since gone viral and has inspired many to reach out to Hernandez and let him know that they are thinking about him.

If you would like to reach out to Lee Hernandez and his wife, you can text or call 210-632-6778.

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