Arizona’s Twilight Zone Returns… Strange Places Episode 2 Airs Halloween Night at 10pm

Arizona’s Twilight Zone returns! Strange Places is a home-grown, sci-fi/horror/drama anthology series created and produced right here in the valley. Local Emmy winner Andy Rodriguez McCradic wrote, produced and directed this second episode exclusively for AZTV-7, entitled “An Improper Use of Shading.” His pilot episode “In the Moment” aired here on AZTV in July. In episode 2, a gifted, but lonely 13-year-old girl named Marie draws her best friend Cassandra into conflict with a bully named Madison. Marie has a dark secret that underscores her relationship with Cassandra. This is a 100% Arizona cast and 80% Arizona crew, shot at El Mirage Dysart High and Peoria. The episode airs at 10pm on Halloween and will repair at 2am. For more information visit