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Arizona Filmworks Helps Get Your Message Across!

Arizona Filmworks is talking about how you can get your message out through digital marketing! For more information – Click Here.

Arizona Filmworks is a local video production company specializing in helping small businesses with their digital marketing. We have evolved into a digital marketing firm because it is not possible to create amazing, effective videos for businesses without first understanding branding, messaging and the features and benefits of a product or service. These are the core elements of marketing so creating amazing, effective videos requires a solid understanding of the marketing perspective of a company.

Video has become the single most important element in digital marketing. From TV commercials, OTT ads, and Web videos to video postings across all the Social Media platforms, video is the undisputed king of persuasion and visibility. No one doubts the power of video to illicit a “buy-decision.” Combining visuals with music and audio and motion touches the emotions and persuades the viewer. You can write words about a product or service, but nothing comes close to seeing the product or service. In the case of TV commercials, nothing defines a business as “real” like TV ads. Seeing an ad on TV creates instant credibility and separates a business from non-advertising competitors.

In terms of visibility, video has tremendous influence in whether a business is seen in the digital world. Google tracks how long visitors stay on a website. If visitors stay on a site longer than a few seconds, Google ranks that page higher and it gets more visitors. YouTube is the same way. If visitors start a video and click away in the first few seconds, the site loses rank and fewer people see that video. Video is a major factor in SEO and getting more visibility. Of course, the ultimate goal in visibility is to produce viral videos that garner millions of views.

It is almost impossible to create amazing, effective videos for businesses without understanding their branding, messaging and features and benefits. This is why Arizona Filmworks is more than a video production company. It helps businesses be successful in all aspects of marketing.