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Another Victory for Saguaro High School Women’s Volleyball

Scottsdale Saguaro High School added another victory to their winning streak Wednesday night at home, against Higley High School, in an intense 4a conference 4-game match.


“We were able to understand, that we were a lot better and were able to come through to start off strong, which kept our momentum going and we just stuck through it,“ Saguaro sophomore Dallas Taylor said.


The final scores of the games were 24-26 Higley, 25-14 Saguaro, 25-19 Saguaro, 25-23 Saguaro.  


Higley pulled out on top for the first game winning 25-21.  Saguaro gave away 7 points in a row during the first half of the game and another 4 towards the end. “It was all about how we started that first game.  We lost that game in the first five points by taking balls we shouldn’t have taken,“ Saguaro head coach Chad Speer said.


Saguaro quickly racked up points during the second game and by the second time-out they were up 20-10.  “We played more consistent.  We started off the game as individual players and didn’t not know how to finish, but then came together as a team to finish and win” Saguaro setter Isabella Valdez said.  


By the end of the game Saguaro took the lead and crushed Higley with a score of 25-14.   


Coming into the third match, Saguaro knew they had to come out on top, or else, they would play the fourth game head to head, with Higley in the lead for games.  


Libero Megan White’s strong floater serve helped get Saguaro ahead during a crucial moment.  White served four consecutive serves with no rally back from Higley, catching the team up, then surpassing Higley 18-16. 


Saguaro played strong and stayed confident during the third game giving them the victory.


The team’s confidence showed in the beginning of the fourth game, when Saguaro led the game 12-6.  Higley fought back, but in the end, the stronger team won.  


Tonight’s victory for Saguaro is the seventh straight win of the season.  


The Saguaro girl’s volleyball team fought with determination and a will to come together and work as a team, to accomplish a very well deserving victory.