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AMERICAN DAD is an animated series that revolves around Stan Smith (Seth MacFarlane, Family Guy), a CIA agent based in Langley Falls, Virginia, who is an undisputed weapons expert and proud family man. Stan is constantly on the alert for terrorist activity and will go to extremes to protect his beloved America and keep his homeland secure. Just check out the terror-alert dial on his refrigerator and his immediate reaction of shooting holes in the toaster whenever toast pops up.

Stan’s wife is the sweet, loving Francine (Wendy Schaal), who has carefully hidden her partygirl personality for the sake of the conservative man she loves. But make no mistake, Francine’s doting persona has its limits, and she’s not afraid to stand up to her man when it is absolutely necessary.

Stan is constantly disagreeing with his ultra-liberal, 18-year-old daughter Hayley (Rachael MacFarlane), who is forced to go through an airport-style security check every time she comes home from a day of Women’s Studies classes at the local community college. Hayley’s 13-yearold brother is the hapless, geeky Steve (Scott Grimes), a kid who seems to be on the verge of puberty, but just can’t quite make it past his own awkwardness.

The Smith household is rounded out by two rather unconventional members. There’s Roger (Seth MacFarlane), the sarcastic space alien Stan rescued from Area 51 who lives in the Smith’s attic. Roger resents the fact that he’s forced to stay inside the house and watch bad television, especially when he just wants to run to the local convenience market and purchase cigarettes. Then there’s Klaus (Dee Bradley Baker), a lascivious, German-speaking goldfish – the result of a CIA experiment gone seriously wrong – who has an unhealthy attraction to Francine. Unfortunately for Klaus, the closest he’ll ever get to a date with her is in the washing machine spin cycle with her sports bra.

The goal for this eccentric family full of radically different personalities is to continue to love and trust each other during this increasingly stressful time in which something could go down somewhere, in some way, at some point. And with a guy like Stan trying his best to make America safer, it’s bound to be a wild adventure through all of the safety alert codes that range from yellow, to orange, to red, and back again. Otherwise, the terrorists have won.

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