AHS Cuddle Bunch!

Arizona Humane Society and the Cuddle Bunch

Everyone in the studio is about to pass out… they’re distracted… near chaos!  No, I’m not talking about a sudden attack of mass hysteria.  Puppies are in the studio!  Michelle Ramos, the Community Engagement Manager of the Arizona Humane Society, joins Danielle Williams on Arizona Daily Mix to talk about the many ways in which the AHS benefits animals across the valley.  One of their best endeavors is a way to get the animals out of their kennels and socializing with people, as well as providing a time of fun and a break from work!  It’s called the Cuddle Bunch, and you can reserve your one to two hour visit in which up to three dogs or cats will come to you at your workplace!  Ready for a bundle of love to brighten up your day?  Just contact the AHS and reserve your time.  The Cuddle Bunch is also popular at birthday parties, event booths, on the go adoptions, and animal welfare education.  Don’t miss Arizona Daily Mix!