7 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Candidate

Get to know the person behind the candidate.

With all the different options and outlets available to us today, we consume news and information in so many different ways. If an election is coming up and we want to know about a candidate, we might go to their website, visit their multiple social media channels, see them on TV, or sometimes even meet up with them outside the grocery store.

But what if we just want to get to know the person, not the website, not the formal interview, not the headlines? What if we just wonder, does my candidate cook, are they a sports fan, do they like outdoor activites? What do they do when they’re not campaigning or giving speeches?

Before we fill out our ballots for election day, we want to know where the candidates stand on issues important to us, whatever we decide those are. But we also like to know something about the person. What are they like? How are they similar or different to people I know? How will they actually represent me once they’re in office? What do they really care about? What don’t I know about them?

Here at AZTV7, we usually have our own take. So, this year, we’re extending an invitation to every candidate to tell us 7 Things they wouldn’t necessarily have a chance to say in a regular news interview.

We’re giving the first 62 candidates who accepted our invitation two minutes to tell us something about themselves that we don’t know. We’ll pass these short videos along to you as we get them. What do you do about it? You sit back, have fun with it, maybe learn something new. And keep coming back, as we’ll have new candidates up through the election.

Why 7 things, not 6 or 8? We just happen to like that number. We’re hoping you do, too!