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Wallace & Ladmo

R.I.P. Bill Thompson (Wallace).  1931-2014.


Wallace (Bill Thompson) and Ladmo (Ladimir Kwiatkowski) were born three and a half years and 408 miles apart from each other, but arrived at the studios of KPHO-TV in Phoenix only a few months apart from each other in the early 50s.

Both worked behind the scenes, but it was Bill Thompson (as Wallace Snead) who found himself on the air first, as a character on the "Golddust Charlie"Show. Within a year, the bit part spawned personal appearances and a new show: "It's Wallace". Packed with old cartoons of Krazy Kat and Crusader Rabbit, ratings show 20% of the supposed kids' show audience is adults.

A year after "It's Wallace" debuted, Wallace asked Lad to do a bit on the show. Lad forgot his line...and was an immediate hit. The show's name didn't change to "Wallace & Ladmo" for another decade or so...but there was no doubt that this was a team...a team with the highest-rated show in town!

If some of the people in the show look a little like AZTV7/Cable 13's Pat McMahon, there's a reason. Pat was a key member of the show, playing characters like Marshall Good, Captain Super, Aunt Maud and of course, the bratty little spoiled rich kid everybody loves to hate...Gerald!

Pat says his part of the 35-year history of Wallace & Ladmo (which was most of the show's run) was the time of his life...and he's thrilled to be able to share some of those times with you here on AZTV7/Cable 13.

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