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Smiles of Skokie Dental Practice Uses Advanced Laser Technology

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May 29, 2014 /MM-prReach/ —

Dr. David McWhinnie and the staff at his Smiles of Skokie dental practice are now using state-of-the-art laser technology for various dental treatments and procedures. The Diagnodent Cavity Detection System and the Lares low-power laser tool for treating gum disease without sutures or scalpel are just two examples of how new technology in use at Smiles of Skokie improves results, recovery time and patient convenience.

The Diagnodent Laser Cavity Detection Device is a modern tool that provides accurate verification of suspected dental defects. The Diagnodent uses a small laser that detects decay spots on the surfaces of teeth. When an occurrence of decay is detected by the laser, the sensor responds with an audible signal and a numeric rating readout. The likelihood and severity of tooth decay is indicated by higher numbers and louder signals. With this system, tooth decay can be caught much earlier than by traditional methods and treatment applied, reducing decay advancement, pain and intensity of treatment. The Diagnodent helps save more of each tooth from being destroyed by decay, detecting problem spots months before they may otherwise be noticed.

Tooth enamel is illuminated by the battery operated Diagnodent laser, and any decay present on the surface fluoresces, or glows.The light emitted by the decay is evaluated by a sophisticated sensor. Then, a digital readout of the amount of light given off by decay is displayed. Today, thanks to advancements in hygiene and medicine, teeth have extremely strong enamel. Fluoride positively affects enamel, making it more resistant to decay. Pin-point openings, a pathway for developing tooth decay, can be so small that remain undetected by the naked eye.

In addition to the Diagnodent Cavity Detection System, the most advanced Laser Gum Disease Treatment is also available at Smiles of Skokie. For patients with mild to moderate gum disease, low-level laser treatment with Lares dental laser tools can effectively clear up gum disease without the need to cut into deep pockets. Healthy gums do not need to be removed in order for the laser treatment to treat gum disease in gum pockets that traditionally would have required scalpel and stitches. Lares laser treatments allow the surgical treatment of gum disease, and soft tissue without a scalpel. Learn more about the full selection of dental treatments available at Smiles of Skokie by visiting the website at and

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