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Social Media Recruiting Trending Hot in Malaysia

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – May 27, 2014 /MM-JTApps/ –

If one are looking for a job and haven’t signed up with yet, then he must not be serious about his job search. Any job seeker serious about getting the best jobs available in the market today will have already signed up with JobTact and posted their information.

Changes in recruiting trends

Let’s face it; there are just too many qualified individuals for any single position. Some of the people who apply for jobs are even overqualified. Recruiters have had to discover new ways of sifting through applications in order to find the cream of the crop.

While there are so many qualified and overqualified candidates for positions advertised, there are other qualities that may prevent them from getting the job. Recruiters are seeking to save time by finding out as much about a candidate before they invite them for an interview.

Social media recruiting trends

It is happening all over the world, not just here in Malaysia. HR managers are becoming forward thinking in their recruitment tactics to find the top talent. Many HR managers are incorporating a social media strategy into their recruitment process.
The reasoning behind this is that the current generation of candidates spends a significant amount of time on social media networks. If you want to learn about a Millennial, you simply have to find out about them on social media websites.

However, it’s not just the employers who are searching through social media to hunt down talent. It is also candidates using social media to find job postings as well as to learn more about companies. Majority of job seekers today believe social media is an important part of the job search. Many believe the online reputation of their prospective employer matters. Others simply use social media to network their way into their dream jobs.

Battle for the Top

Various social recruiting platforms have been developed to assist both employers and job seekers to find the right fit. The most notable recruiting platforms in Malaysia thus far have been JobTact and Jobstreet.

Jobstreet is currently the most popular social recruiting platform in Malaysia. However,, though a more recent addition to the social recruiting platforms, is giving its competitor a run for its money. JobTact recently received the financial backing of Power Root Bhd and it isn’t surprising why.

JobTact isn’t just like any other social recruiting platform in Malaysia. JobTact offers employers and jobseekers all the advantages of Linkedin. You can post your profile and resume attracting job offers as a job seeker. Companies can also provide information about their activities and goals. Recruiters can quickly search through candidates’ profiles, timelines and community contributions on JobTact and make cuts before inviting the best for an interview.

Competition for Malaysia’s HR market

The HR market in Asia is hotly contested. Companies from the US, Europe and Australia are competing to get a slice of the market. Jobstreet was recently purchased by an Australian employment marketplace firm, thereby allowing it to have a greater reach throughout Asia. This however, makes it more challenging for recruiters focused on selecting Malaysian candidates specifically. Fortunately, this has given JobTact the advantage it needs in the Malaysian HR market.

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