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Smith Poodles Understands Dogs and What Buyers Want and Need When Obtaining a Poodle

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The breeding program strives to improve the health and temperament of the Poodles reports Smith Poodles.

Little Rock, AK, United States of America – November 26, 2013 /MarketersMedia/ —

According to the American Kennel Club, poodles continue to be very popular animals, coming in at number 8 in terms of the number of registered dogs in the country in 2012. When one goes to choose a poodle, they may do so for the beauty of the animal, yet poodles possess many other characteristics which make them desirable pets. Poodles are exceptionally active and smart and do wonderful in obedience training and buyers can choose from three size varieties and a variety of solid colors. “When choosing your new pet, be sure to consider standard poodle puppies registered with the AKC to ensure you get an animal that is well socialized and ready to become a member of your family,” Mick Smith of Smith Poodles declares.

Dogs want to become a part of the family and this needs to be remembered when looking at standard poodle puppies for sale. The animal needs to be intelligent, have an even temperament and be well socialized. “At Smith Poodles, we work to improve the health, temperament, uniformity, intelligence and beauty of each animal we offer. When you come to buy standard poodles, you’ll find that each puppy we offer comes with a complete health check and both parents must be health certified before they will be offered to others. Each dog also comes with a two year guarantee,” Smith declares.

The Smiths raise the poodles in a secluded wooded area approximately 15 minutes from the Little Rock airport so they have plenty of room to run, play and explore. Whether buyers are looking for a Standard Phantom Poodle, a Standard Poodle, a Brindle Standard Poodle or a Standard Parti Poodle, Smith Poodles can be of assistance.

“Standard Poodles continue to be our passion and we’ve spent a number of years gaining experience to better understand the poodles along with what they want and need to be the best they possibly can. We’re happy to help anyone looking to adopt a poodle for their home as this is what we dedicate our life to,” Smith explains.

Smith Poodles breeds Quality Standards and remains passionately dedicated to maintaining the high quality of AKC Standard poodles. Continually striving for improvement in intelligence, health, conformation, temperament, beauty and uniformity, Smith Poodles offers a nice secluded wooded area for the raising of these dogs. Located approximately 15 minutes from the Little Rock, Arkansas airport, the poodles enjoy plenty of room for fun, exercise and socialization. Each poodle comes with a two year guarantee and has undergone a thorough health check as have their parents. The breeding program strives to produce genetic strengths to reduce health problems and undesirable traits within poodles

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