The Golden Rule - Student of The Month



As part of AGREE's goal to recognize the positive actions of schools, staff and students, we are searching for nominations for the Golden Rule Student of the Month. Do you know of a young person who applies the Golden Rule to interactions with others? Perhaps they have acted to bring a negative situation to a more positive resolution. Perhaps they have shown empathy and kindness to someone experiencing difficulties. Perhaps they have reacted to a disagreement with civility and respect, building bridges of understanding and perhaps even friendship.

To nominate a Golden Rule Student, please submit the form at:


May's Student of The Month: Jaxon Washburn

We are delighted to present a Golden Rule Student of the Month for May, Jaxon Washburn. He applied the Golden Rule at his school by creating an interfaith club that fostered kindness, empathy and respect among the students, - and it made a noticable difference. Thank you, Jaxon!